Ministry Teams

Ministry teams have two elected leaders and each team has the task of carrying out their ministry to support the overall vision and mission of First Christian Church of Francesville.

Worship Preparation: donna bushman & jane Ezra

Responsible for the preparation of communion for worship services.

worship serving: Todd Denton & Jeff Lowry

Responsible for scheduling and leading serving teams for worship services.

Music: Caty Davis & Stephanie Berkshire

Responsible for working with Worship Minister in scheduling, leading worship music, special music and special events.

Property: Dan Bishop & MICHAEL BISHOP

Responsible for maintaining the physical property of FCC

technology: Norm Putt & Randy Davis

Responsible for maintaining all electronic equipment used by staff, in worship and the other ministries of FCC.

Special Cares: Sally Wuethrich & Darlene williams

Responsible for providing care for those who have lost a loved one, had a recent surgery or who are experiencing the birth of a child.

nursery: Jennifer Mellon & kaitlyn podell

Responsible providing nursery space and staffing for families attending worship and various other events at FCC.

food pantry: Tiffany Holle & John semrau

Responsible for stocking and operating our community food pantry that has distribution on Thursday mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

membership: Lisa marlatt & cheri delph

Responsible for providing opportunities for the church family to connect with one another and grow in their faith.

finance: chuck mellon, charlie morris, janelle tiede & shane pilarski

Responsible for efficiently handling the financial support given to FCC.

women's: trina pelsy & olivia huber

Responsible for providing opportunities for women to be connected and encouraged.

christian education: JARED GUDEMAN & darlene mellon

Responsible to oversee the bible education programs of FCC.

Missions: Doug Pelsy & Chris rumsey

Responsible for leading the missions ministry team in raising awareness of local and global missions. Also, they make decisions about the alocation of the resources given towards advancing the Kingdom of God.