E Courier August 26, 2019

Ketchen-up . . . 

I have said this on other occasions, but I will say it again.  I wish everyone in our church family could participate in a mission trip to TCM’s Haus Edelweiss.  Our mission trip to Austria was from August 4-20.  Darlene Mellon, Darlene Williams, E.Anne and I were the mission team from Francesville.  We teamed up with 6 people from a church in Tacoma, Washington and with 5 people from Kansas City.  While the work was exhausting, it was very rewarding.

Darlene Mellon worked in the kitchen.  Darlene Williams and E.Anne worked in housekeeping.  I worked in grounds and maintenance.  Most of my time was spent replacing the wooden decking on a bridge on the mission’s property.  I did most of the demolition while two others on our team did the new installation.  It was hard work, but I enjoyed in thoroughly.  

After meal time all of us helped with the clean-up and the set-up for the next meal.  On our last Thursday everyone on the mission campus helped to get dorm rooms and classrooms ready for the next group who will come to the mission.  All of us worked 12-hour days.  It was exhausting, but very rewarding.  I hope to do this again someday.

It is rewarding because we know we are serving Christian leaders who come to Haus Edelweiss to study and to learn how to be better leaders.  Interaction with students mostly takes place at meal time.  Most students have some English skills, but not always.  A young 20-something year old lady from Russia latched onto E.Anne.  Natalia spoke no English and E.Anne, of course, speaks no Russian, but Natalia showed E.Anne a Google app which translated text messages.  Technology is wonderful when it helps people communicate.  

One of the highlights of the trip occurred during a campfire time.  A Russian student named Ivan, speaking through a translator, expressed his great appreciation for the short term workers who had come to serve at the Haus so he and others could study.  All of us short term workers understood already that we were playing an important role, but it was refreshing to hear a student express his appreciation.  By the way . . . this particular student has a PhD in microbiology.  Some very bright and committed Christians come to Haus Edelweiss to study.  

I so much appreciate the many who were praying for the four of us.  All of us stayed healthy.  I believe that each of us did all we were asked to do and even more.  I am confident that many prayers were answered on our behalf.  Thank you for praying.  I’ll be praying that sometime in the next few years we can take another group to Haus Edelweiss.

As I mentioned yesterday, I plan to make a quick trip to TN later this week to see our new grandson.  E.Anne is already in TN.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Love,  Jim

Annual Meeting & Election of Officers

The church’s annual meeting and election of officers will take place on September 8 during the Sunday school hour.  All members should meet in the auditorium at about 10:00 for this meeting.  All are welcome to attend this meeting, but only members should participate in the voting.  If you have questions, please contact Ron Schlatter, chairman of the church board.

Camper Fees & Scholarships

Over the years the Francesville First Christian Church has a history of responding with prayer, action, and finances when a need has been made known.  The missions team would like to thank everyone for their generous giving toward the recent needs for The ARK camper fees and Bible College scholarships!  There are enough funds for all three Bible College scholarships for this semester and a good start to fund next semester’s scholarships!  There is still a need for The ARK camper fees.  If you can help with this need, designate your gift by writing ARK camper fees on the white envelopes located in the pews or on the memo line of your check.  Thank you and may He bless those who have made these experiences possible for our youth and young adults!

Ladies Retreat at The ARK

This year the annual Ladies Retreat at The ARK does not conflict with the Francesville Fall Festival.  The retreat date is September 13-14.

Registration is $50 ($20 Friday only, $30 Saturday only).  The theme is Treasured and is based on 1 Peter 2:9.  The speakers are Bethany Jett & Michelle Medlock Adams.  E.Anne, Jodie & Tina are leading the worship music with Cheryl accompanying them at the piano.  

Check-in & pampering is from 1:30 to 5:30 on Friday.  Supper is at 5:30 with the main session beginning at 6:30.  On Saturday morning breakfast is from 7:30 to 8:15 with activities beginning at 8:30.  If you have questions, contact the church office.

Healthy Marriages

On Saturday, October 5, the church will be hosting a “healthy marriages” seminar.  Justin & Trisha Davis from Refine Us Ministries will be the speakers.  This event is for both our church family and the Francesville community.  An RSVP will be required.  Be sure to mark this date on your calendar.  If you have questions, please contact Liv Huber.

Baby Girl

Congratulations to Eric & Felicia Huber on the birth of their second child, another daughter.  Paisleigh Noel was born on August 23 weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces.  Her grandparents are Dan & Cathy Nuest.  Congratulations!


Thank you so much Francesville Friends!  Your help is much appreciated!  May God cause His face to Shine Upon You!  

Love in Christ, Tommy Oaks


Congratulations to James Wolfe who was baptized on July 26 while a camper at The ARK.  James has been an active part of The Foundry ministry for several years.  Let’s keep him in our prayers and look for ways to encourage him.

James Wolfe

2621 N. U.S. 421

Medaryville, IN  47957

The Foundry 

 We are off to a fantastic start to the school year. The foundation has been laid for us to “Fuel the Fire”. Two weeks ago we had a great response to our kickoff event at the Wuethrich pond. I want to thank Tim and Sally for their continued hospitality and enthusiastically allowing us to host youth events on their property. This led into our first Worship Wednesday in the Foundry last week. We had a great kickoff to the year as we establish new routines and new small groups. The Foundry will meet most Wednesday evenings throughout the school year. Dinner in the Foundry will be at 6:00 pm. Our worship and small groups program starts at 6:30 and dismisses at 7:50. New this year is “Canteen” which is from 8:00-8:30. This is a time where students can hang out, play games, do homework and more while also having a snack bar available with items to purchase.

 As part of our 3-year plan, the Next Generation team put into motion a plan to serve kids and families through better safety and security measures. These measures were submitted to our elders and church board and will begin to be implemented over the next few weeks. Most child and student areas will have check-in procedures and younger children will have check out procedures to ensure their security. We are also making areas secure with only volunteers and teachers who have submitted to background checks and have been trained. We ask your help and patience during these transitions! We want FCC to be a safe and secure place for kids!

5th Quarter: The first 5th Quarter of the year is this Friday for grades 7th-12th in the Foundry following the West Central Football home game until 11:00 pm.

Jeremy’s #: 219-204-0422

The Spark

 The school year is off and running, and kids at each of the area schools are now well into the 2019-2020 school year.  It’s certainly a busy time of year.  The weather is generally pleasant and the days are still long, and combined with the fresh start of a school year and all that comes with it, it’s a recipe for days that are packed with activity.  As kids settle into their new classrooms and adjust to new routines, we look ahead to our own fresh start for the Wednesday night program here in the church building.  The Spark’s Wednesday night program will get started on September 4th with a kickoff event that will double as a parent night.  We’ll have some fun activities for the kids and they will be able to meet their small group leader.  Then we’ll spend some time talking about this year’s youth ministries theme.  This year’s theme is “Fuel the Fire”, which we’re basing on Romans 12:11.  The New International Reader’s Version says it this way.  “Never let the fire in your heart go out.  Keep it alive.  Serve the Lord.”

 We were blessed with beautiful weather for our fifth annual “FCC Glow Run” this past Friday night.  I want to say thank you to those who came out and supported this event and those who helped in the preparation and cleanup efforts.  The money that was raised from the event will go to support youth missions projects, including the Backpack Pantry.  This will be the fourth year of our Backpack Pantry Program, and we’re excited to see how the program will continue to grow.

Parent Night/Kickoff: The Wednesday night programs for preschool and elementary kids will kick off on September 4th.  The elementary will be hosting a parent night that night.  If you are the parent of an elementary student, come on out and have some fun!

Adam’s #: 317-430-4827

Sept 4 – Youth Meeting for all ages begin this evening with supper at 6:00 and youth meetings at 6:30.  The Adult Bible Study will begin meeting at 6:45.

Sept 8 – The church will hold its annual meeting and election of officers during the Sunday School hour at 9:45.

Sept 8 – The elders will meet at 8:00 p.m.

Sept 9 – The church board will meet at 7:00 p.m.

Sept 14 – A community family will be using the church for a wedding.

Sept 21 – On Fall Festival Weekend the church will again hold the 8:30 a.m. worship in the big tent uptown.

Sept 27 thru 29 – The annual church family campout will take place at Tippecanoe River State Park. 

Sept 29 – A church family will be using the church for a Sunday afternoon wedding.

Oct 5 – The church is hosting a “Healthy Marriages” seminar from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Oct 12 – A church family will be using the fellowship hall for a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Oct 13 – The elders will meet at 8:00 p.m.

Oct 14 – The church board will meet at 7:00 p.m.

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