E Courier July 8, 2019

Ketchen-up . . . 

Yesterday was another wonderful day for our church family.  The worship music was very good.  Jim Marlatt’s communion meditation was meaningful, and then we were blessed to witness three baptisms in our second worship service.  Makylah Holle, Gracie Kopka and Kole Kopka all made the good confession of faith and were baptized.  It was a special day.

Early in yesterday’s worship services, I played a video clip of the celebration which took place two weeks ago in Papua New Guinea.  For 40 years William and Robin Butler have labored to bring God’s written word to the people of the Waran language group.  I want to share with you portions of an email William sent last Sunday (6/3) . . . 

The memories of the Waran people are long.  The people of Yar Village still remember, talk about, and celebrate when the Gospel first came to them 50 years ago.  The people of Likan also still talk about when a missionary preached the gospel to them and they responded in 1973.  Without a doubt, last Sunday’s dedication of the Waran New Testament was an event of similar significance and magnificence that people will be talking about it for decades!  Everyone, from Yar to the provincial capital of Wewak, is talking about it.  Even in the national capital, due to the large number of international visitors attending the event, even the immigration personnel at the airport, became aware of the event . . . The New Testament was brought in by river because “the gospel first came to us by river; God’s talk in our language should come that way too.”  From the riverbank, the New Testament was marched up to the grandstand with pomp and ceremony befitting a king.  The respect for the Word was awesome.  The copy was placed on a stand before the grandstand still wrapped in purple cloth—at this stage, no one has seen the New Testament . . . Several short speeches were given by those who had been designated by the Waran to have a part in the program.  As speeches went on and the sun grew hotter, people moved back into the shade around the edges of the field.  But when two men came forward and began to unwrap the coverings of the Waran New Testament, all that changed.  It was as if a powerful magnet had been flipped on.  People streamed out to encircle the men—just to catch a glimpse of the New Testament.  When the book was carried onto the grandstand and Matthew Karika began to read from John 1, even more rushed to the field and stood in absolute silence as the Word of God was read in their own language.  And when the reading finished, people clapped.  To us that was the highlight of the day.

As a church we have been blessed to share in bringing God’s word to the Waran people.  Please continue to pray for William and Robin Butler and their work among the Waran people of Papua New Guinea.

In my devotional Bible reading I am presently reading in the Gospel of John.  I am using the New American Standard Bible.  Each time I read through the Bible, I use a different translation.  I have found that this adds to my understanding of a passage.

For example . . . last week I was reading John 8:1-11 . . . the story of the woman caught in adultery.  The NASB translates verse 9 . . . “When they heard it.”  I immediately thought to myself . . . “heard what?”  Jesus had been writing on the ground and so I wondered if Jesus had been writing and talking at the same time.  I really don’t think Jesus needed to talk out loud.  His written words were being heard and those in the crowd were being convicted by the written words of Jesus.

God’s written word is powerful and now the Waran people of Papua New Guinea have God’s word in their own native language.  How the Waran New Testament will change lives, only God knows!  But lives will be changed for eternity.  Most of us have multiple translations of the Bible in our homes.  The Waran people now have one translation.  Let us not take for granted our access to God’s word.  Let us read and reread God’s word.  Let us hide God’s word in our hearts.  Please give this some prayerful thought.

Love, Jim


Yesterday three young people came at the invitation time to make the good confession of faith and to be baptized.  Makylah, a 5th grader at West Central, is the daughter of Mike & Tiffany Holle.  Gracie (6th grade) and Cole (3rd grade) are the daughter and son of Jeremiah and Wendy Kopka.  All three of these young people studied with Adam Huber to prepare for this special day.  Please keep each in your prayers and look for ways to encourage them.

Makylah Holle

P.O. Box 174

Francesville, IN  47946

Gracie & Kole Kopka

225 S State Rd 39

Winamac, IN  46996

Thank You

 Dear FCC, 

Please accept these donations in memory of our Dad, Donald Davis.  The service was perfect and the meal was delicious.  It is a blessing to have been able to feel the love of Francesville during this time.  Thank you for everything!  

Rick & Heather Payne, Scott and Angela Jennings & family, Samantha Davis

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all the cards, prayers, food and encouragement during our time of heartache with Ed’s accident.  To those that were able to visit him it meant so much and he felt your love and concern during these sixteen months.  A special thank you to Pastor Jim for the many trips he made to pray and encourage Ed.  We would also like to thank the church for the beautiful planter.  We will never forget all the First Christian Church has done during these last two years.  

God Bless, Harold Hooker & Connie

Thank you Francesville Family!  May God make you a Nehimiah 8:10 story! 

Love In Christ, Tommy Oaks

Dear Church Family, 

All is very well here in California.  Sure do miss my “home church” and all my peeps!  Bree is on her faith film work in AL.  Will fill you in when I am allowed to spill the beans!  Much love to you all, Connie Bailey

The Foundry 

 Summer break activities feel like they are just starting and wrapping up in the same sense. We had an amazing group of middle school students travel with us to Turkey Run on a beautiful day. We enjoyed hitting the trail, cooking out and swimming. We finished the day with a devotion of rejoicing in the success of others. Thanks to Brian, Jennifer, Nikki and Corri for leading and helping with transportation. We also recently had a movie night in the Foundry. We watched the inspirational film “Run the Race”. It has been good to stay connected through the summer and we have another opportunity this Wednesday, July 10th, with a BBQ and swim event. We will meet in the Foundry at 6:30 for a cookout dinner and then head out to the Wuethrich pond for some games and swimming. We will end the night with a devotion and then head back to the Foundry for dismissal around 9:00 pm. All middle and high school students are invited to join us.\

The Time is NOW!: Summer camps for middle and high school are coming, now is the time to register if you haven’t already. For middle school students, Edge Week begins on the 14th and Thai Huts on the 21st. Merge Week for high school students begins on the 21st. It is a great opportunity for students to grow in their faith and have an experience of worship and community that is well worth the time and investment. Contact me for registration details and discount code.

Fall Kickoff: It’s time to admit it, school will start again for the 2019-2020 year and we are ramping up in the Foundry student ministry to take on the opportunity to minister to our local schools, students, parents, and teachers. The first Wednesday night for students in grades 6 thru 12 is August 14th!

Jeremy’s #: 219-204-0422

The Spark

 Believe it or not, we are now well beyond the halfway mark of summer break at this point of the summer.  I never get used to how quickly summer “break” goes by.  It always seems to be the busiest time of year.

 It’s been an eventful summer so far for our kids ministry, highlighted by a pair of VBS programs and for many of our kids, a week of camp at the Ark Christian Ministries.  After helping at a three-day Quest camp earlier this summer and recently returning from serving as dean of a week of Jungle Huts camp, I feel confident in saying that God is once again working in big ways at the Ark.  Please continue to keep the Ark in your prayers, as well as the many students and adults from our own church and community that attend this camp.  We have individuals representing our church nearly any given week of the summer, either as campers, faculty, or other volunteers at the Ark, and the potential for impact is always huge.

 With one short month remaining before kids are back in school, it will soon be time for the annual school year preparations to be taking place for kids, parents, and teachers.  In the meantime, we will have a couple of small outings for elementary kids in order to keep in touch until the school doors open in August, including a trip to Fountain Stone Theaters this Wednesday as a part of the Film Festival.

Movie Outing:  This Wednesday, elementary kids will have the opportunity to see a movie at Fountain Stone Theaters in Rensselaer as a part of the Family Film Festival.  We will leave from the church at 10:15 a.m. and stop at McDonald’s for lunch before heading to the movie.  The movie is free, but kids will be able to bring money for a “snack pack” (the cost is $6) at the theater.  They will also need a few dollars for lunch.

Adam’s #: 317-430-4827

July 14 thru 19 – Jim & E.Anne will be serving on the staff of Edge Week at The ARK.  Jeremy and Adam will be helping with the music.

July 20 – A church family will be using the fellowship hall for a bridal shower.

July 21 thru 26 – Jeremy will be the dean of Merge Week at The ARK.

July 28 – The Membership Ministry Team is hosting a Scavenger Hunt & Ice Cream Bar.  Activities will begin at 3:00 p.m. 

July 28 thru Aug 3 – Jeremy and his family will be taking a week of vacation.  

Aug 2 – The middle and high school youth will have an outing to Pine Lake. 

Aug 4 thru 20 – Jim & E.Anne will be a part of a group of 4 traveling from the church to work at TCM’s Haus Edelweiss in Austria.  

Aug 11 – The elders will meet at 8:00 p.m.

Aug 12 – The board will meet at 7:00 p.m.

Aug 25 – A church family will be using the fellowship hall for a bridal shower at 2:00.

Sept 14 – A community family will be using the church for a wedding.

Sept 29 – A church family will be using the church for a Sunday afternoon wedding.

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